10 Best Health & Fitness Tips

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1.drink water

drink plenty of water

Drinking Water From the benefits of water supply, we can point to preventing skin dryness and softening it. Try to drink enough water and always mind your water supply. A variety of kidney and skin diseases will occur without adequate water supply.

Many of us know that drinking adequate water is essential for our overall health. From helping the body function properly to regulate the heat, digest the food and keep the whole mind healthy. But what happens to our body if we do not drink enough water?

Good water consumption per day
Sixty percent of the body weight is formed from water, which is lost every day by sweating, urinating and breathing. Although 8 glasses of water are recommended daily, the amount of water needed by the body is related to various factors such as gender, age, physical activity, climate, disease, etc., and a healthy and active person with a diet Healthy food can supply the body with water.

2.Move more

move more

Physical and athletic activities can help us keep the body healthy and healthy, and our ability to grow up against our age and to live longer and healthier to some kind of people who do not exercise.
Take a few stretches every day. If you exercise softly for 10 minutes a week and 3 to 5 times a week, your muscles will stay strong and your health will be with you. Remember to exercise slowly and continuously. A running hour and then, a resting clock may cause muscle cramps.
The general recommendation is to exercise for 150 minutes during the week.

3. Eat nuts

eat nuts

Nuts, despite the high fat content, are very nutritious and healthy. Nuts contain a lot of magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and other nutrients. Studies have shown that nuts can help reduce weight and fight against type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In addition, about 15-10% of the calories in nuts do not even absorb the body, and some evidence suggests that they can increase metabolism.

One study found that Almond, compared with complex carbohydrates, reduced weight loss by up to 62%.
3 Do not use high-quality and processed foods (eat real food instead)

Processed foods (like chips and puffs) in the diet are the biggest reason people in the world become more and more obese and become sick. These foods are engineered to “be more in demand,” so they deceive the brain to consume more than we need and even add some people to the drug. The amount of fiber, protein and micronutrients (empty calories) is low, but has high levels of unhealthy substances such as sugars and modified cereals.

4.Eat fatty fish

eat fatty fishes

Almost everyone agrees that fish is a healthy food. This is particularly true of fatty fish such as salmon, which contains omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients. Studies have shown that in people who consume the highest amount of fish, the risk of diseases such as heart disease, dementia and depression is lower.
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5.Have enough sleep

good sleeping

The importance of enough sleep can not be emphasized anymore. It is enough sleep if not more, but it is as important as diet and exercise. Sleep deprivation can stimulate insulin resistance, as well as do not work well with appetite hormones and your mental and physical performance decreases.

In addition, sleep deprivation is one of the strongest risk factors for overweight and obesity in the future. One study has shown that sleep deprivation is 89% and in adults 55% increase the risk of obesity.
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6. Avoid smoking and drugs

smoke free person

If you use tobacco or drugs, nutrition and exercise are your least worries, because you must first solve more serious problems. If you use alcohol and add it, leave it completely discarded.

7. Use plenty of herbs and spices

herb and spices

For example, ginger and turmeric have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and have many health benefits. You should use as many herbs and spices as you can, because many of them have powerful and powerful effects on your health.

8-Appreciate what you are

Appreciate what you are

As the new research shows, grateful people are more satisfied, happier and more socially than those who scrutinize and archive all their negative aspects accurately, but ignore the positive aspects.

How many times have we been screwed up because others have not met our ideal expectations and imagination? We consider our past and childhood and find all those things that could have been done or given to us so that we would be happier.

If we limit our vision and vision of the world to a mental and imagination, life will disappoint us in all its rules. But if we look at the horizons of our vision and ourselves, and to recognize and appreciate what life has given us, we will realize that we are surrounded by a world of high levels of blessings and blessings and unparalleled protections.

Conditional gratitude is subject to attention, vision and attitude to yourself. Without real attention, one can not see and count on the existence of a large number of repetitive events that are in our interest.

enjoy yourself

Psychologists have discovered the importance of “gratefulness” in the context of “positive psychoanalysis” research, seeking to find out which practices maintain mental health.


9.Breathe deeply

breathe deeply

Deep breathing is one of the health strategies. So keep up to 15 to 30 minutes a day to breathe deeply and regularly. What do you think of these benefits? Deep breathing and slow exhalation can exhaust the stress and anxiety of the body. With this, oxygen is sufficiently absorbed into the body, which improves the function of the brain, lungs and regulates the metabolism of the body. If you can walk along the deep and quiet breath, it is light.

10.Have a great meal plan!

meal plan

Perhaps one of the most important steps in a diet is to have a proper diet with your body style! Your body has its own style and habits, and it’s just a good reaction to a program that suits itself. For example, you might have just seen one of your friends who have had a few kilos of weight loss with a healthy diet and slimming diet. And you quickly go to light, by taking your friend’s diet plan, you will resort to an arbitrary diet, not just your desired result, but also some of the result of the picture. One of the most amazing results is having short intervals between each meal, for example, try eating 4 meals a day instead of three meals, but at very small sizes! This will make your stomach volume smaller in the shortest time period, and you will need little less food. So, be sure to have a diet plan for yourself.


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