20 Major mistakes that will prevent your weight loss

Many of those who added the weight of suffering and looking for a way to lose weight your are, but most of these people since, diet choices to a favorable result that his mind had not arrive, this thread makes that frustration your diet questions.
I do sports, I do diet, I don’t always eat half my food, so why don’t I get skinny? In fact, these are questions that almost everybody who’s trying to reduce weight is asking themselves. The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with it for a reason, and these people probably make mistakes that they don’t know about.
1-eating cornflakes at breakfast.
Eating corn flex (the food from the cereals prepared with milk, consumed) in the morning makes you reach before lunch feel hunger, and in total more food in a day to eat. Instead, the people who are serving breakfast., the eggs we eat never this problem, and people eat, because the protein included in the breakfast hours, the feeling of satiety for them to bring.
2-Eating white bread and white rice.
Years, which was claimed to be the consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white bread or white rice can cause weight gain, especially in parts of the middle body. To check the authenticity of this issue, scientists diet with calories absolutely identical to  a group of humans were and they realized who that white rice or white bread more in your diet, have each year 10 mm round stomach more of the other Group increase.
3-too much juice.
Juice and other sweet drinks have greater effects than solid food for human weight. If you remove just a sweet drink during the day from your diet, after half a pound of warm water will reduce your body weight. The more the decrease in sweet drinks, the better the result will be.
4-drinking milk with tea.
Last year, Indian scientists began to notice that mixed tea, such as theaflavins and thearubigins, causes fat reduction in the belly and loss of cholesterol. But the proteins in the milk completely counteracts this effect, so it’s best to never mix your milk with the tea.
5 – unread food labels.
The studies show, people who read and exercise the habit, lose more weight than the others. The weird thing is that reading a food sticker can also reduce weight without the exercise. Scientists believe that it makes one understand more of the calories that enter the body when eating and subconsciously reduce the food.
6-not add seasoning for food
Adding hot pepper to food promises can speed up the calories. Additionally, it reduces human appetite for food sweet, salty and sweet.
7-don’t eat us.
The results of a research in the International Journal of obesity has shown, people adulthood that every day ۳ rank, yogurt, eat, etc. ۲۲درصد more than others your weight lost and much more time together this weight loss have retained. = = = Use = = = we have an interest in us use; they also melt more fat in the abdomen. It seems that fat and protein present in this dairy products play a large role in burning fat.
8-associating with Fat Friends.
If your friend is gaining weight, you’re likely to be getting fat, too. According to Harvard University researchers, if the individual ۴, MILF, chubby, have probably ۲ times more than the individual that fat, not in the not so distant future weight gain will experience. In general, humans tend to mimic each other’s behavior and eat food is part of it.
9-reading books and cooking magazines.
The recent discovery of psychologists at South California University revealed another strange obesity and that’s nothing more than reading books and culinary magazines. Looking at the pictures of greasy pericardous foods in these magazines has caused the stimulation of the brain and increased our interest in eating delicious and delicious food. Reading the recipe really excites the brain and makes you interested in eating.
10 – don’t chew enough food.
The longer food stays in the mouth, the more the language sends more signals to the brain and stimulates the digestive fluid. Most food is faster to feed humans and limit the amount of body entering.
11 – eating at the wrong plate.
One of the strangest findings of scientists in the weeks past, the impact of the color plate, the amount of eating humans. When a plate color resembles food coloring inside it, it subconsciously maximizes the amount of people eat. If you eat food like red spaghetti on the green plate, there’s more food than you show and you stop eating already.
12 – never having enough sleep.
Researchers have come to realize that lack of sleep encourages the genes of the body to gain weight. Sleep over the rest of the Watch has the same effect on the body, and it increases the risk of obesity.
13-diet solo.
If you’re going to lose weight, you might want to find a teammate of your own and compete with him. As obesity can be spread like rabies, trying to reduce weight in groups has a huge impact on increasing incentives and following diet. Some time ago, researchers discovered that people who are participating in weight loss in group classes, they get twice the results of twice as many people who do this alone.
14-said words I can’t!
When you’re offered a piece of cake, instead of saying, “I can’t say” I don’t want!””Doctor, “Vanessa Patrick,” University “Buffalo” by doing research, a surprising contender has been, when you say: “I can’t” to the body of your message, you do not suffer from lack of food, you’re their to eat, the temptation you get. But when you say: “I don’t want to” and from a position of strength with the feeling of hunger collide and a greater ability to eating find.
15 meals for TV.
Scholars at Birmingham University claimed, ” if you are not focused on your table, you will enter more calories than ever.” A lot of folks when they watch TV, eat, etc. plenty of food, enter the body of your work and can’t even remember to bring what have eaten.
Stress encourages the body to accumulate fat around the abdomen, which is the primary cause of the “cortisol” hormone in the blood vessels.  This hormone not only encourages interstellar populations, but also significant role in the growth of fat cells.
17 – having a variety of food
The lack of food variety and eating monotonous Foods is the key to success in weight loss. According to the U.S. researchers at feeding journal, Women eating the same food over and over again become less and less hungry.
18 – listening to the music while eating.
Georgia State University researchers believe it increases the amount of food you eat. At least if you’re interested in not being quiet during lunch or dinner, try using some very mild music. The faster the rhythm of music is at the food table, the faster the food is going to increase as well as the rate.
19 – only exercise
When you’re on your own, you’re more likely to leave it out or you’re not doing your own moves. But instead, Group Sport releases a lot of happy hormones in the brain, and it promotes your commitment to complete all sports. Group Sports also promotes the ability to endure pressure and pain practice, and amplifies motivation.
20-never mix sports.
Before, Fitness in mind, should sports such as cycling, walking, running, working with weights in. endurance sports and Pilates combine.

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