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Makeup is an art for us women. There are some simple but important details of performing this art correctly and being satisfied with the result, and the first is makeup based on skin type and skin color. Once you’ve identified both your skin tone and the lower tone of your skin, you can choose the right colors and put on flawless makeup.
Skin tones are divided into three main groups as brunette, blonde and brunette. In addition, the skin is divided into three groups as subtont shades and neutral. Your skin tone has nothing to do with the lower tone of your skin and neutral undertone is not a very common alternative. The lower tones of the skin are usually hot or cold tones.
What you need to do to determine the lower tone of your skin is simple. To do this, just look at the veins inside your wrist. If the color of the veins is green, you have warm undertone skin. If your veins are blue, if they look cold, green & blue, you have neutral undertone skin. Doing this check in daylight will give you healthier results.
People with warm undertone skin have yellow pigment colors under the skin. Therefore, warm undertone skin is also called yellow lower-toned skin.
People with cold undertone skin have pink and red pigment colours under the skin. For this reason, cold undertone skin is also called pink bottom-toned skin. There is generally a prejudice that cold undertone skin is pale pink or white, but this is not true. Brown people may also have cold undertone skin.
If you have cold undertone skin; Cold colors such as navy blue, blue, pink and purple will suit you very well. If you have warm undertone skin; Warm colors such as red, orange and green will suit you.
If you have determined your skin tone and skin tone and have white skin, we will have great makeup suggestions for you in the rest of the article.
• As with any skin color, the choice of foundation is very important for white skin. White-skinned people should always choose products with high protection factors because they have more sensitive skin about the sun. For the sake of appearing to be more bronze, foundations in darker colors than skin tone should not be preferred. Otherwise, aside from appearing bronze, the mask will have a gained appearance. In the same way, a foundation with a lighter tone than skin color should not be preferred for the purpose of looking even whiter. This will make the skin look too pale and unhealthy.
• White skin usually has sensitivity problems and related redness. For this purpose, red areas must be neutralized with a concealer or CC cream before applying the foundation.
• For women with white skin, soft transition and calm-looking make-up is often recommended. Brown mascara may be preferred to avoid making the gaze too hard. If you insist on black mascara, you should choose a mascara that gives a soft appearance and avoid those who give extra black effect.
• You can use your bontt selection in favor of pink and peach tones. These colors will give your skin a warm appearance and make you look more vibrant. If you are going to do shading and illumination, you should avoid using very dark colors. Otherwise, you may be alone with two lines on either side of your face that are very clear that they do not belong to you when you want to clarify your cheekbones.
• You can achieve a more natural appearance by interpreting pearl tones instead of rose and gold tones in the lighting selection.
• If you are a white-skinned woman, you are very free to choose lipstick. You can also use nude tones, as well as bold colors such as red and burgundy. You can also get a natural and warm look with pink and peach-toned lipsticks.
• White-skinned women may prefer shades of brown in their headlight choices. However, they can choose pink, green, purple and gray tones according to the skin subtone.
• Finally, the powder you use to fasten makeup must be made of transparent powders.

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