what causes Diabetes and what does cure

diabetes cure
diabetes cure

Diabetes and it’s cures

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder (metabolic) in the body. The ability to produce insulin in the body disappears diabetes or insulin resistance, the body does not produce insulin and therefore can not perform its normal function.

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  • Risks of diabetes

  • Diabetes with cinnamon

  • Control blood sugar with aloe vera

  • Diabetes with onions

  • Diabetes with garlic

  • Diabetes with Fenugreek

  • Blood sugar control with basil

  • Diabetes with olive oil

  • Vitamin

  • Diabetes with Nigella

  • Diabetes with Avocado

  • Regulate blood sugar with apple

  • Diabetes with fig leaves

Risks of diabetes

Diabetes damages blood vessels and nerves, causing various effects throughout the body. The diabetes death and heart disease attacks the brain. 65% of people with diabetes by one of the top two lose their lives.

If you have diabetes, so I decide to take your life style is healthy to always be healthy before, diabetes is very easy, just lifestyle change.

As reported in a separate article entitled Is there a way to treat diabetes? Said a cure for diabetes does not exist, but with different methods and lifestyle changes can not control blood sugar levels.

Domestic procedures control diabetes

In the following 12 domestic procedures control diabetes  by controlling blood sugar read:

  1. diabetes with cinnamon

Cinnamon ( Cinnamon ) increased conversion of glucose to fat and fat insulin facilitate access. In addition, cinnamon inhibits the production of free radicals can be dangerous and for diabetes treatment is very effective. Cinnamon in the cell membrane acts like insulin, thereby lowering your need for insulin immediately.

  1. The glycemic control with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera ( Aloe Vera ) plant is a wonderful healing! Dried juice and aloe vera gel from the leaf comes out to reduce blood glucose levels and diabetes is.

  1. diabetes with onions

Onions ( Onion ) has a significant effect in lowering blood sugar. Onions affect the metabolism of glucose in the liver and increasing insulin secretion.

  1. diabetes with garlic

Garlic ( Garlic ) direct the best treatment to reduce blood sugar, the pancreas cell regeneration and stimulate it to produce insulin is considered.

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  1. Control of Diabetes with Fenugreek

Fenugreek ( Fenugreek ) is one of the most common materials for diabetes is insulin resistance in the body reduces blood sugar control. Just fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight in water complete water tomorrow to eat and chew the seeds.

  1. regulate blood sugar with basil

Basil (Basil) insulin secretion and pancreatic and liver reinforce easier. Basil eating causes your blood sugar decreased. If a way to control diabetes Search, you choose basil.

  1. diabetes with olive oil

Olive oils ( Olive Oil ) causes diseases: atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and diabetes. During the investigation, olive oil lowers triglycerides and thus lowers blood sugar. Eat 1/4 cup of olive oil before bed.

If you prefer to use lecithin, a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a tablespoon of lecithin to eat after. Keep in mind that a cup of olive oil has 2,000 calories. Just because a healthy and useful, it does not mean that we ignore the calories!

  1. Vitamins

For the treatment of diabetes can use this vitamin in fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons and so on, use. This vitamin leads to lower blood sugar in less than a month.

  1. diabetes with Nigella(seeds)

To control diabetes , can for a week in 6 teaspoons of black seed oil ( Fennel Flower ) consumed. Eat it in 3 different times of the day.

Another way is that half a cup of black beans with half a cup of warm water cress seeds or mustard seed or pour a quarter cup of pomegranate juice in a blender. King Torre cup and add a teaspoon of it every day eat

  1. diabetes with Avocado

For the treatment of diabetes, an avocado seed ( Avocado ) not roasted. Then divide it into several parts! Put it in a pot of boiling water until the water color is brown. After cooling the drink. You have 2 weeks to see the results.

  1. regulate blood sugar with apple

Apple ( Apple ) is one of the fruits that diabetes control is very effective. Take an apple and divide into small pieces. 4 cups water in a saucepan and boil until the water poured half the apples. Morning and evening drive and up to 2 months will see the result.

  1. diabetes with fig leaves

Fig leaves ( Fig Leaves ) is the best known cure for diabetes, but there are many other applications. Fig leaf among home remedies for the treatment of diabetes , bronchitis, genital warts, liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure, skin problems and wounds is. Should not be used as a fig leaf.

Fig tree sap used to be a lot. Extract or a poultice it should be used daily. Fig leaf has anti-diabetic properties. When using the fig leaf, the less insulin is needed. People with diabetes need to extract the breakfast, just eat fasting. Fig leaf to boil water and drink it as tea

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